Love Dressed in Black

My mind is in riot
And I'm starting to choke
Whatever I do, see or try to say
I end up sitting, staring straight at nothing
While the world is on fire in my mind

The walls are soon to crumble
For I have been pushing them towards their fall
And the phoenix bird will arise no more
'Cause the world is on fire in my mind

I wish not to talk of love
But that's the only tought I have
To be held and loved by someone
'Let us stick to real life'

My mind is in riot
There's a storm in my heart
I try to stay indifferent
"But look, oh see I fall"

Why are we so human?
Where's the joy in that?
Eternal pain and eternal suffer
For a wound called love
Yes it feeds on my heart


its really really beatiful <3

2011-11-29 @ 23:59:29
A friend

Its really really beautiful

2011-11-30 @ 00:00:12

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My heart is beating differently, and just the same as yours.

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