Flying Banner

- A poem by me, through the eyes of Phoebe (Catcher in the Rye);
Flying Banner
It's not that he is different. It's got nothing to do with that at all.
You see, it's like a banner flying in the wind.
If you've ever seen one, and really watched it, you'll know what I mean.
Take millions of banners, flying 'round and everywhere.
Watch them closely, and you'll know what I mean.
They can flutter fiercly, and they will waver smoothly.
But they won't stay the same, not now, not then, not ever.
In a wind, no matter strength, in a wind, no matter path.
A banner will fly and flicker, to it's own great unknown.
In a wind that is the same, two banners will shape.
And in this wind, they will fly on their own accord, and they will fly with their heart as core.
My brother is a banner, shaping from the wind.
He'll take his different path, leading to his great unknown.
No matter world, no matter wind.
My brother he will fly, and his heart will lead him where.


Sv: Tusen tusen tack, fina du! Det betyder mer än du förstår. Massa kramar på dig själv tjejen!

Texten i det här inlägget, och texten i det förra... Herregud. Du är för bra för att vara sann, jag kan inte sluta läsa dom, särskilt inte den första. Du är så jävla awesome man kan bli <3

2012-07-15 @ 23:14:46

Steph, are you being followed like before? You know who? Mehehe, and then I don't mean by the good one.

Svar: Bahahahaha ååh Jenny..! well, no - I hope . puss på dig

2012-09-13 @ 17:03:51

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