The Ghost

After years had passed
and mind was gone.
I stepped into the woods
and trailed the traces of my heart.
I'm still not sure 
what I was expecting
what I thought I'd may not see.
I did.
As I was giving up
surrendering, in faith I was a fool.
I couldn't help but noticing
a movement in the trees.
It was a floating mass of dark
a liquid steamy shape.
It formed itself into a man
and started on its way.
I couldn't stay.
With shaking limbs and trembling soul
I ran.
I stumbled upon ground and crawled
But I still ran.
I fled
I fled from him
From one I've known so long.
I fled from him.
I never even saw his face
I don't think he had eyes.
Though I can tell he stared straight into mine.
I won't forget the look.
The penetrating doom of Destiny he cursed me with.
The glow of satisfaction
of joining mine with his.


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