The Ghost

After years had passed
and mind was gone.
I stepped into the woods
and trailed the traces of my heart.
I'm still not sure 
what I was expecting
what I thought I'd may not see.
I did.
As I was giving up
surrendering, in faith I was a fool.
I couldn't help but noticing
a movement in the trees.
It was a floating mass of dark
a liquid steamy shape.
It formed itself into a man
and started on its way.
I couldn't stay.
With shaking limbs and trembling soul
I ran.
I stumbled upon ground and crawled
But I still ran.
I fled
I fled from him
From one I've known so long.
I fled from him.
I never even saw his face
I don't think he had eyes.
Though I can tell he stared straight into mine.
I won't forget the look.
The penetrating doom of Destiny he cursed me with.
The glow of satisfaction
of joining mine with his.

The Biggest Loss

the biggest loss is not another human being
it's not even your family
your one true love
your favorite pet
it's not your best friend
the biggest loss you'll ever make
is losing yourself.
the biggest loss 
is looking back
and knowing, it's the best you ever had.
it's looking back, and knowing
you can't get back the past.
you can't grow back young 
you'll only grow more old.
you can't get back those times
the happiest you've ever been
no matter how bad, how much you want
the pictures on the walls won't come alive
you lost.
you'll keep losing again
you're losing very now.
but still, the worst part of it all
is having doubts it ever happened.
because you've lost it all
so how can you be sure?


Fearless creature
Tell me how your feathers broke
Tell me how they looked at you. I want to know.
How did you manage? To look them in their eyes.
Was it painful, did you cry? When laughing faces made you choke.

Tell me then what happened. Fearless little bird.
I wnat to know.
What did it feel like? To have your body mangled, stepped on by their feet.
What did it make you see?
The good of all your life, or tragedy of man.
Was it painful, did you cry? When you asked them 'why?'.
How did it stain in your already bloodfilled eyes, to watch them cover up and cast a glance your side?
Tell me.

Tell me.

Before you die, I want to know.
Why did you not fly, away - escaping Death's cold clutch?
Why did you stay, right here when he arrived?
It makes no sense, I want to know. Please tell me why
- you are my only hope.


Flying Banner

- A poem by me, through the eyes of Phoebe (Catcher in the Rye);
Flying Banner
It's not that he is different. It's got nothing to do with that at all.
You see, it's like a banner flying in the wind.
If you've ever seen one, and really watched it, you'll know what I mean.
Take millions of banners, flying 'round and everywhere.
Watch them closely, and you'll know what I mean.
They can flutter fiercly, and they will waver smoothly.
But they won't stay the same, not now, not then, not ever.
In a wind, no matter strength, in a wind, no matter path.
A banner will fly and flicker, to it's own great unknown.
In a wind that is the same, two banners will shape.
And in this wind, they will fly on their own accord, and they will fly with their heart as core.
My brother is a banner, shaping from the wind.
He'll take his different path, leading to his great unknown.
No matter world, no matter wind.
My brother he will fly, and his heart will lead him where.

Voluntas of Vita est Morior

- An interpretive poem by me, through the eyes of Holden Caulfield, (Catcher in the Rye)
 Voluntas of Vita est Morior
Life is overrated.
First, you are born, and then you die.
So the meaning of Life?
It's clear as hell.
The meaning of Life is to die.
God I hate all these people
All these phony, superficial jerks.
Their meaning of Life is shallow beauty, celebrity, sex and money.
I mean it's like they don't even care,
about what's really supposed to matter.
Entertaining as hell though,
to see them throw away their lives
Believing they are the centre of the world.
Entertaining, but sad.
But I guess that's just the nature of man
To do whatever in his power
To deceive himself into thinking he defeated death.
So yes, Life is kinda overrated.


My heart is beating differently, and just the same as yours.

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